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Cooked with love and the passion to see smiling faces and full bellies we decided to take our home cooking style from the West Bank and bring them here for you to enjoy!

We offer delicious arabian favorites – fast! Ole Baba is delivery only and your go-to for fast, fresh traditional arabian cuisine on the go.


In the US, you say “You are what you eat.” So come and enjoy the healthy fresh alternatives made with non-GMO ingredients and only the freshest natural spices.

Ole Baba Menu

Our unique menu has something for everyone!

  • Sultan's Lunch

    Guaranteed to make your tummy do a happy dance!
  • Magic Carpet Soups

    It’ll lift up your spirit & warm your tummy… and boy, it’s yummy!
  • Royal Stews

    Want a “shiek” lunch with all the trimmings? Ole brews up yummy stews
  • Oasis Greens

    These salads bring peace to your soul, nutrition to your body & a big smile to your face
  • Ole's Quick & Easy Pies

    Italy borrowed it… This is our version of an Arabic stromboli!
  • Magic Lantern Meals

    They will bring you luck & brighten your day! A bottle of water is included with all meals.
  • Sultan's Sandwiches

    Invented by us and may have been copied by Earl of Sandwich in 1792
  • Huban (Sides)

    Huban means love - add a touch of huban to your meal!
  • Sultan of Sweet

    Guaranteed to make your tongue fly!
  • Beverages

  • See the Whole Thing!

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Freshly Made To Go